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Under Cover Video Message
Teacher: John Bevere

Under the shadow of the Almighty, there is liberty, provision, and protection. Unfortunately, many don’t understand how to find this secret place. Instead they are tricked into believing that true and lasting freedom can be found outside of divine authority.

In Under Cover, John Bevere exposes the subtle tactics the enemy uses, making us fail to recognize and properly relate to divine authority. With practical examples and a strong biblical foundation, this message reminds us that the kingdom of God is just that: a kingdom, ruled by a King, where there is order and authority.

As you embrace the truth of God’s Word, you will learn how to respond to both just and unfair treatment. You will discover the difference between true biblical submission and obedience, and you will grow in understanding of God’s purpose for authority. This message will position youx to walk in the fullness and character of God.

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