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About Cloud Library

Messenger International has a dedicated global focus to make these resources available to pastors and leaders regardless of location or financial position. The Cloud Library was created for this purpose. It serves as an international distribution grid that allows translated resources to be freely streamed and downloaded.

Our aim is to make these resources available in every major language, thus establishing the potential to reach over 98% of the earth’s population. Cloud Library is one avenue for accomplishing this goal. Why, you ask? Because a virtual resource can multiply and travel much more quickly than a physical resource. We hope you enjoy your experience in the cloud.

From the Creators

Jesus charged us not just to preach the gospel, but also to develop disciples. These messages will help you become a disciple of Christ. We are investing in your training because we believe in you and your ability, by the grace of God, to transform your world of influence. God has placed greatness inside you, and He longs to know you intimately. These resources will help you discover an intimate, personal relationship with God. As you grow in your relationship with Christ, you will be transformed by the power of His Word.

God created you for a purpose that is unique to your giftings and influence. We encourage you to search out the fullness of everything God has for you. Our prayer is that these resources equip you in your journey to discovery.

Blessings on you and yours,

John & Lisa Bevere

Support the Vision

Does your heart burn to see life-transforming resources distributed throughout the world? If you are interested in supporting the mission of Cloud Library, please email We thank you in advance for your prayer and support!