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Relentless Study Guide & Devotional
Teacher: John Bevere

You experience adversity. You know what it is like to endure hardship. You hold on, buckle down, and ride the wave of bad fortune, hoping you make it out alive. You just do what it takes to survive.

But what if these trials had the raw potential to change your life? What if the adversity you face could propel you to the next level of faith and maturity? What if you were designed to thrive in adversity, not merely survive?

Through Relentless, John Bevere wants to take you on a journey to unlock your tenacity. As he recounts the stories of biblical and contemporary figures, he presents a powerful pattern: These strong men and women of faith do not just hang on and survive troubles. They look adversity in the face and stare it down.

Equipped with God’s Word and the power of prayer, you will uncover life-altering truths about tribulation, resistance, and the fulfillment of God’s destiny for your life. As a child of God, you have what it takes to turn adversity into strength and finish well!

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