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Fight Like a Girl Book
Teacher: Lisa Bevere

Today’s twisted pictures of gender roles create confusion over how a woman should define herself. How can a woman feel good about being female when society is constantly dictating what she can and should be? How can she embrace God’s design for her instead of trying to fit into God’s design for man?

Daughter, the truth is that your femininity is your greatest strength. Rather than trying to adapt to an ill-fitting male model, you must pick up the power God ordained for you and make your unique and much-needed mark in the world. Discover your beauty, strength, and wisdom as you accept and celebrate yourself as all God created you to be.

In Fight Like a Girl, Lisa Bevere shares how you can express the femininity God designed and highly values in you. As you learn to “fight like a girl,” you will discover your true potential and fulfillment. You are an answer, not a problem!

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