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Fear of the Lord Devotional Workbook
Teacher: John Bevere

Do you desire sensitivity to the leading of God’s Spirit? Do you want to receive a greater sense of purpose and focus? If so, you must embrace the fear of the Lord. Through this message, John will challenge you to reverence God anew in your worship and daily life.

So what is the fear of the Lord? Why is it important? And how is it different from being afraid of God? In The Fear of the Lord, John Bevere opens the Scriptures to unveil this overlooked and misunderstood truth. It is the key to wisdom, knowledge, and intimacy with God. If you seek answers, divine protection, or direction, then you must possess the fear of the Lord.

God longs to be known, and there is only one way to step into deep intimacy with Him. There is only one way to experience His friendship fully. Personal access to God only comes through the fear of the Lord. Your life and community will be eternally transformed as you lay hold of this life-transforming truth!

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