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Driven by Eternity Book
Teacher: John Bevere
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This life on earth is but a vapor, yet many of us live as though there is nothing on the other side. But the way we live this life will determine how we spend eternity. Scripture tells us there will be various degrees of rewards for believers–ranging from watching as all a person accomplished is devoured in judgment, all the way to reigning with Christ Himself.

Drawing on the principles in 2 Corinthians 5:9-11, John Bevere reminds us that all believers will stand before Christ to receive what they have earned in life. Many of us will be shocked to learn that the majority of our time was spent on things that don’t count toward eternal rewards.

So how can we develop significant lives? In Driven By Eternity, you will learn to discover your calling and multiply what God has given you. As you gain an eternal perspective, you will be empowered to labor for what lasts.

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